The Kane stories are pretty amazing. I've got the Centipede Press hardcovers and the old SF Book Club anthologies. That Flying Buffalo was able to get Wagner to print a story with them speaks a lot about the short fiction market. I highly recommend the documentary about his life. He was a creative force, but his life is pretty tragic. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/296318

What's really interesting is that he was part of a "circle of friends" that included David Drake and Manly Wade Wellman. All of whom are very talented writers, but who have very different world views. For example, in an essay on his site Drake had this to say (https://david-drake.com/2010/manly-wade-wellman/):

"Manly was a lot smarter than I in my arrogance (my stupid arrogance) gave him credit for. As one example that can stand for many (this, by the way, is a peril of a memory as good as mine is: I remember many things that embarrass me with the eyes of hindsight), Manly was adamant that cocaine was an addictive and destructive drug, based on his experience as a police reporter in Wichita. Karl was sneeringly certain of the medical opinion that cocaine was non-addictive.

I bought into the ’scientific truth’. Now, after watching a very close friend as well as a number of acquaintances in the writing community (including Stephen King) lose years and nearly their lives to cocaine, I can only nod to Manly’s memory. Now I know there’s psychological addiction as well as physiological addiction. Manly was right; I was wrong. And that was generally true when we differed on matters of opinion."

Your reaction to finding Wagner stories in Sorcerer's Apprentice reminds me of the reaction I had when I found out that Gary Gygax's company was the first company to public David Gemmell's novel LEGEND.

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Really wish you hadn’t said “Dungeons & Dragons” and “escape room” in the same sentence...because now I have to track down and buy a copy.

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I love all the pen-and-ink illustrations. Thanks for sharing!

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