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Great interview. First gamebook I ever read was Dungeons of Dread (translated to spanish as Las Cavernas del Terror) and it was a mind-boggling book for me. Reading it was like a epiphany: there were books about elfs and orcs, and swords and spells and magic! And I could be the hero in those books!

Later I read Lord of the Rings, and Dragonlance and years later bought my first roleplaying game. But I've always loved gamebooks and I still have my own copy of Dungeons of Dread, nearly 40 years later.

So thank you very much, Rose. You changed my life.

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Nice interview

Endless quests was for me, like many others, the gateway into roleplaying. It was really a stroke of genius to have the reader play a developed and named character (as opposed to the generic "you" in all other gamebook before them).

I had always wondered why she bowed out of the series at number 12 after getting the series running.

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Fantastic interview! I’d never heard of Rose Estes before, but now I think she’s one of the most interesting people I’ve read about. So prolific and so confident. Very inspiring.

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Interesting article. Great details that no one would ever know. A life well lived and explored.

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I love this one...brings back so many memories!!! :)

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